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MEET THE OWNER - "About Crystal Auto Rental"


Crystal Auto Rental was founded in 1989 by Jay Crofton; a native of Conroe Texas.  During the mid 70's while on a camping trip to Mexico and Central America he discovered the jewel of Belize absolutely fell in love with the island type paradise country and as a bonus they also spoke his language. On his travel to Belize during the oil bust in the U.S. he flew down instead of driving like he had normally done.  Whilst trying to rent a vehicle from a local company had one of the worst experiences ever in vehicle rental.  Jay decided that he could improve the local rental experience and within 4 months had a caravan of 10 vehicles coming to Belize.  Crystal Auto Rental was born.

As the tourism industry in the country took off and as the company's genuine reputation of taking care of all its customers grew; so did its clientele.   Whereas the other leading local and franchise companies averaged a fleet inventory size of between 15 to 30 vehicles; over the last 25 years, Crystal Auto Rental has grown to over five times that fleet size having the largest selection of vehicle variety to choose from over its competitors.

In efforts to improve the Auto Rental Industry in the country of Belize Crystal Auto Rental has established the following services:

(1.) Two office locations to facilitate its customers.  The main office at mile 5 on the Phillip Goldson Highway to service island and inland customers and the second at the International Airport to provide a service to all the visiting customers flying into the country.

(2.) The company currently has a family style operation with over 30 employees, a fleet inventory of 160 vehicles with a selection of over 20 vehicle varieties to choose from.

(3.) A detailed website of ALL services is offered including actual pictures of fleet inventory together with their respective charges.

Crystal Auto Rental is now not only the leader in the Belize Auto Rental Industry but in addition to the array of services offered; uniquely the company has also expanded and enhanced its services to being the only rental company to allow its customers to travel across the Guatemalan Border as far as the Tikal ruins.