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Adding drivers to your Car Rental in Belize

When getting your car rental in Belize - ALL additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary driver in regards to age and license requirements. Additional drivers are not permitted when using a Debit Card or Cash as payment at the time of rental.

All additional drivers except for the Spouse or immediate family members of the Credit Card Holder eg: Chidren who meet the driving age requirement is NO charge. All other drivers will be charged at the additional driver rate per day per driver.


All additional drivers must have a valid credit card to leave a Security Deposit. If not the Security Deposit is DOUBLE the standard amount.

Age Limitation for Car Rental in Belize

Drivers must be 25 years or older for renting a car in Belize.

Drivers between the ages of 21 - 24 may be allowed to drive but only with double the standard security deposit.