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Driving to Tikal (Guatemala) | Crystal Car Rental Belize

Crystal Car Rental in Belize is the only Belize car rental service provider that allows its customer to drive their rental vehicles across the Guatemalan Border to visit the beautiful Tikal Mayan ruins.

NOTE:The company CDW Insurance does not cover you over the borders – only in the country of Belize.

On the Guatemala side there is no Insurance that can be purchased and customers assume the full responsibility and Liablity when driving the vehicle in that country.

Belize Car Rental - Border Crossing - Driving to Tikal:

DRIVE TO TIKAL - Crystal Auto Rental requires 48 Hours advance notice for the Permit Letter to be able to drive across the Border.

  • Exiting Belize, departure tax $20.00 USD/pp
  • Returning to Belize, $5.00 USD fumigation
  • Our Border Crossing Paperwork $25.00 USD
  • Fees at Guatemalan border:
  • $18.00 GTQ for fumigation
  • $160.00 GTQ Car papers
  • $20.00 GTQ Toll fee for municipality
  • About $26.00 USD in total
  • $200.00 GTQ ($26.00 USD) Entrance fee at Tikal

  • Crystal Auto Rental Belize - The only car rental in Belize which allows driving to the Tikal Mayan Ruins

    Car Rental Belize | Crystal Auto Rental Belize
    Car Rental Belize | Crystal Auto Rental Belize